The UK’s first cellulosic ethanol demonstration facility.

In June 2008, TMO commissioned an industrial scale Process Demonstration Unit (PDU) to demonstrate the commercial capability of the TMO Process. Covering an area of 12,000 square feet and costing in excess of £7.8 million, it is a multi-feedstock processing facility providing customers with the valuable opportunity of having their own feedstock processed and turned into bioethanol and other products.

The PDU also houses a smaller “Scale-Through” system that mirrors the details of the larger demonstration facility. These two systems, in conjunction with TMO’s laboratory facilities in Guildford, provide customers with the unique opportunity to see a process optimised around their own feedstock and the comfort of knowing that it’ll work at an industrial scale.

With an integrated engineering solution, the TMO Process can be developed as a single functioning system on an industrial scale. With the focus on pretreatment conditions and specific enzyme cocktails, the most favourable fermentable cellulosic sugar stream can be produced.

If you would like to test your potential feedstock at our plant, please contact TMO HERE.