A key and integral process to the TMO stable of products is ADeptt. Anaerobic Digestion enhanced pre-treatment technology (ADeptt) is an advanced hydrolysis process that optimises the process of Anaerobic Digestion.

Initially developed to treat ’second generation’ cellulosic waste for the production of ethanol, ADeptt is in reality perfectly suited for enhancing Anaerobic Digestion whilst enabling the use of waste streams previously deemed unsuitable.

The whole ADeptt process may consist of up to 3 stages of treatment as shown in the schematic below.

ADeptt improves volatile solid destruction using advanced steam treatment and enzymatic hydrolysis, a method that is significantly smaller than other biological hydrolysis processes.

Feedstock is pre-treated with steam within an enclosed reactor for a hold period. The contents of the reactor is then released to atmospheric conditions resulting in rapid decompression which aids in mechanical shearing of the macro molecular structure of the organic material. Following this cell rupture, the material is further treated in an enzymatic treatment stage to further break down more complex molecules into simpler forms, this process making them readily available for rapid acidogenesis, acetogenesis and methanogenesis.

Through extensive research and development, TMO have refined the optimal time and temperature required for each feedstock in the steam treatment phase, allowing us to give peak solubilisation within Enzymatic Hydrolysis.

Required enzyme loadings have also been optimized in order that enzyme costs are kept to a minimum. Steam treatment and Enzymatic hydrolysis at high DS% have also been a major consideration in developing ADeptt in order to minimize energy requirements and required vessel size.

Key Benefits:

  • Applicable to a variety of feedstock
  • Contributes to feedstock/ revenue security
  • Reduces AD residence time
  • Increases Biogas yield
  • Reduces plant footprint and vessel size
  • Operation at up to 30%DS
  • Homogeneity achieved post ADeptt

If you would like to know more about our ADeptt process, please TMO HERE.