Top 5 Biofuels and BioEnergy companies

Today, bioenergy confidently takes the place of the world’s renewable energy leader, playing a significant role in replacing fossil fuels and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. This article is an overview of the leading Biofuels and BioEnergy companies.

Global prospects of bioenergy

During the last 20 years, the world’s primary energy supply from biomass and biofuels has increased by a third. It accounts for about 10% of the total primary energy supply or almost 70% of PES from renewable sources.

In modern, highly efficient production conditions, humanity produces an incredible amount of waste of biological origin. Chips, pellets, briquettes, and gases – these and many other biofuels that have undergone processing, after processing, are used to generate energy. This raw material is environmentally friendly and generates electricity and heat – individually and jointly (cogeneration). It is a relatively young technology: it was developed at the same time as the first biofuel companies appeared. Bioenergy received the greatest development in the countries of the European Union. However, companies worldwide are converting their boilers to exclusively organic fuel.

Widespread implementation of bioenergy solves a number of important tasks. First, it provides the population with the necessary energy, making enterprises, regions, and countries energy-independent. Secondly, it nullifies the problem of safe disposal of waste, many of which are toxic. Thirdly, this method makes it possible to provide clean energy to the most remote points of the globe because its use does not require special geographical and climatic conditions.

Green giants: the top 5 largest Biofuels companies

The USA, Brazil, China, India, Germany, and Sweden are currently the leading bioenergy generators in the world. China, India, and Great Britain account for more than half of the world’s total expansion of bioenergy potential. Second-generation biofuels are more popular in China. Now scientists are actively working on developing a new type of energy production from algae. By 2020, China plans to produce up to 12 million tons of aviation biofuel annually. So, let’s analyze 5 largest biofuels and bioenergy companies:

  1. Orsted is a Danish company that designs, builds, and operates offshore wind farms. In addition to Denmark, Orsted offshore wind farms are installed in Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, the USA, and Taiwan. The company also has bioenergy projects – converting old coal-fired thermal power plants into modern ones operating based on biomass. It wants to become carbon neutral by 2025.
  2. Siemens Gamesa is a Spanish wind energy company that sells onshore and offshore wind turbines, turbine gearboxes, and other related equipment. It provides maintenance and repair services. The company serves customers worldwide and has installed its products and technologies in over 90 countries.
  3. The 740 MW Ironbridge power station in North Gare, UK, is the world’s largest biomass-fired power station, and the Vaskiluodon Voima plant in Finland is the world’s largest biogas plant.
  4. The Kernel company continues to implement a program to increase the energy efficiency of production assets and preserve natural resources and will allocate USD 170 million to these needs. Currently, the energy carrier at the Kernel oil extraction plants is steam produced in boilers fueled by husk biomass.
  5. Great Plains is a large bioresources processing company. The company processes secondary organic products, primarily corn, into biofuels, corn oil, animal feed, and industrial alcohols. Given the harsh and arid conditions for growing crops, Great Plains offers modern and innovative technology to apply liquid fertilizers individually for each seed.