Update from David Weaver, CEO

Life at TMO has changed recently and I thought this update may answer some questions you may have.

I joined TMO in May 2012 as Chief Executive Officer and I am excited to be part of a company that already has a leading biofuels technology platform for a range of cellulosic feedstocks.  However, I want to deliver more from the experience and expertise that the team have developed over their 10 years of innovation. 

I bring to bear a significant background in the energy sector, holding executive roles in leading energy companies such as CMS Energy International and Southern California Edison. Subsequent to these positions, I was the Managing Director in Europe for British Petroleum (BP) Gas Power and Renewables, where he pioneered BP’s renewable energy program and led the development of BP’s first renewable energy project and wind farm. I have also led several energy development initiatives in Asia, Australia, Middle East, China and India, and oversaw the continent’s largest power project while working for China Light and Power Company in Hong Kong.

When I joined the company I took a good look at its technology and TMO has many more commercially valuable processes and technologies, as yet unexploited, which I am already in the process of converting into commercial offerings and taking them into the market.  My vision is that the company will generate revenues by, at the latest, one year from today.  However, as you might expect these necessary, yet not insignificant, changes to the company’s direction and business plan will take a little time to settle in.  We ask you to be patient with us during this time and to join us on what we all believe will be a very exciting and successful journey in further expanding the company’s growth worldwide.

David Weaver

Chief Executive Officer