Welcome to TMO Renweables

It’s rare that a commercial corporation can stand up and announce new science that will transform an industry. 

Yet our momentous breakthrough doesn’t stop there: it has profound implications for the generation of energy on the global scale – sustainable, low-carbon energy that can be produced from a broad range of raw materials, including recycled waste.

But the most significant aspect of our breakthrough is its absolute immediacy.

We hear regularly about important scientific advances, usually from research institutions and the academic community – but they are usually set within a medium to long-term time scale. Our process, by contrast, is up and running now – not on a laboratory bench in a university, but in a working, industrial-scale demonstration plant in the South of England.

Dramatic advantages

Our process is available immediately under licence to the ethanol industry, where it can achieve a dramatic and instantaneous increase in profitability.  

Performing equally well in our own demonstration plant as it did on the laboratory desk, it is ultimately scaleable in the industrial context.

The organism at the core of our process is thermophilic, which greatly reduces the energy costs involved in conventional ethanol production.

The process requires the addition of relatively small quantities of enzyme, and takes hours, rather than days.


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