The TMO product and business model combine to create a truly innovative and exciting proposition for everyone with a concern for environmental issues.

Firstly, TMO’s biofuel avoids the obvious drawbacks of conventionally-sourced fossil fuels. In fact, our process is completely sustainable and has the potential to be virtually carbon-neutral.

Secondly, the TMO Process doesn’t compete with food production for agricultural land. True, we are able to exploit the by-products of food agriculture as feedstocks – wheat straw, cassava roots etc. But the TMO Organism will consume a wide range of cellulosic waste products and doesn’t rely on purpose-grown crops.

Thirdly, as we roll out our programme of domestic waste conversion through small, local plants, we will not only produce a valuable energy source from a zero-value feedstock, but will significantly reduce the amount of waste that must be buried in landfill sites. In this way, we will unite the interests of the global environment with those of local communities, creating a new value chain for the benefit of all, and with minimal environmental impact.