Centre of Excellence

Biofuel is just the beginning…

…TMO’s ambition extends “beyond biofuel”

TMO will be launching a Centre of Excellence in collaboration with leading UK and overseas academics and key industrial clients. Its purpose is the development and rapid commercialisation of flexible biorefineries that can take a range of cellulosic materials and convert them into valuable fuels and renewable chemicals. 

At its core, the Centre of Excellence is a partnership with a common vision – to deliver valuable products from our natural resources in a more sustainable way.

Realising a fully-fledged biorefinery is a challenging task, one that requires a diverse range of skills. All the techniques and expertise of modern biotechnology and synthetic biology must be completely integrated with the process engineering in order to deliver client-ready solutions. 

The Centre of Excellence will achieve this by leveraging our assets and know-how with the academic ability and technical skills of our collaborators resulting in a critical mass of expertise and capability.