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TMOs technology is based on the efficient high-temperature biological processes of robust microorganisms called thermophiles. Thermophiles are ideal for the production of industrially useful chemicals and fuels as they can convert cheap, renewable plant biomass into a variety of products.

Thermophiles live and multiply only at high temperatures, over 50°C. Growth is rapid leading to higher production rates as well as offering significant process advantages delivering cheaper costs.

High temperature processes reduce energy costs; it is much cheaper to heat fermentation vessels than to cool them and reduced viscosity at higher temperatures lowers mixing costs. At higher temperatures chemicals such as ethanol are easier to remove and there is a low risk of contaminations. TMO technology uses novel reactors which exploit the unique characteristics of thermophiles to maximise product yields.

The robust nature of thermophiles make them ideally suited for efficient, continuous processes where the feedstocks are constantly fed into the production vessel and the desired products are constantly removed. Continuous processes offer significant cost advantages over conventional batch fermentation in which the product is made in a sealed system and production stops for product recovery. Continuous processes decrease down time and the cost of servicing equipment.

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