Production Process

TMO’s technology benefits users, not only in terms of a renewable, sustainable and economically viable raw material, but also from related advances in the production process itself:


Current Production Processes 

So what are the main problems with existing production processes?

Fermentation Processes – Existing production processes that utilize fermentation have two significant drawbacks:

·         batch production is the norm leading to time-consuming and costly process operation;

·         temperature management systems which are costly to install and operate are required to keep the fermentation stable.

Mature Production Technology – Existing chemical production processes have been developed over decades leaving room only for incremental technical improvements.  

Pollution Control – Many modern processes generate unwanted and potentially hazardous by-products.  Environmental legislation makes handling and disposal of these items time consuming and expensive. 

Green Products – Even though existing production is very efficient and cost conscious, there is ever increasing pressure for more environmentally friendly products.


The Future 

TMO’s vision of future production processes is revolutionary:

·         Using cheap, renewable raw materials

·         The fermentation processes operate continuously

·         Process organisms are completely safe

·         Process organisms operate at high temperatures simplifying temperature controls

·         Process organisms have very high productivity rates

·         The process does not produce harmful by-products

·         Process organisms produce a wide array of products

TMO believes that this vision is achievable in the near future and has numerous potential applications.  It should revolutionize the future of liquid fuel and chemicals production.