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TMO is in close contact with parties involved in the ethanol, biodiesel and lactic acid markets. Thermophile technology must be developed to meet the needs of these industry participants if it is to achieve market acceptance.

As such TMO is always very happy to engage in dialogue with other participants from industry with a view to enhancing the value of its technology portfolio both for them and for TMO itself.

EU Consortium

Aside from individual contacts to leading companies in biofuels, commodities, specialty chemicals and plant engineering TMO is also member of a major European Union funded research consortium. The benefits of this consortium extend well beyond the substantial R&D funding that is being made available.

The EU Consortium which TMO joined in mid 2003 is made up of five other European companies and research institutions. throughout the next 32 months the six partners are to implement research, development and construction of a pilot plant with the overall purpose of reducing the production costs of alcohol and energy based on biomass. The project is focused on straw and grains as raw materials.

The EU Consortium has developed a three-year research programme entitled “Integrated Biomass Utilisation for Production of Biofuels” under which the partners are currently developing elements of a biomass to bioethanol system. The European Union is providing approximately €6.5 million in matching non-refundable research grant.

The contacts to major future users of TMO technology together with the validation of TMO technology by the European Commission are very positive by-products of TMO’s membership of this consortium.

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