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Hydrogen from Ethanol – The future of transportation?

European Commission gives further boost to Biofuels

Europe set to adopt Biofuels

European Commission gives further boost to Biofuels


HOT on the heels of the May 2003 Biofuels Directive the European Union has published a Directive on the taxation of biofuels.

The new directive allows all member states to vary taxation levels for biofuels and is expected to deliver further major developments in the biofuels area.

In conjunction with other energy market adjustments in the directive the Commission instituted a reform to allow implementation of the earlier biofuels directive across the EU.

Spain, Sweden and Germany currently have the most advantageous tax regimes for biofuels. With 100% tax rebates on liquid transport fuels they have seen a huge rise in Bioethanol and Biodiesel production over the last five to ten years.

This growth is now expected to spread as the benefits of biofuels, like major contributions to CO2 abatement, cleaner emissions, positive trade balance and rural revitalisation, are acknowledged elsewhere.

As with the windpower industry that spread from Denmark, Germany and Spain, thanks to their favourable tax regimes, biofuels will become commonplace throughout the EU over the next 10 to 20 years.

TMO Biotec with its unique fermentation and catalysis technology based on Thermophiles is well placed to take a central role in the evolution of biofuels in Europe.

Without the production processes developed by TMO Biotec huge amounts of potential feedstock for biofuels are wasted every year. TMO Biotec advances present the future of biofuels production by allowing the use of low value biomass to make Bioethanol.

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The Directive can be found at: Energy and Electricity Taxation Directive


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