The hydrogen-driven fuel cell has been widely recognized as the ideal system for grid-independent electricity production.  Fuel cells are virtually emission-free power generation systems and a wide variety of applications are being developed from automotive transport, self-powered items down to small-sized applications such as laptop computers.
The main current drawback with hydrogen fuel cells is the supply of fuel itself (i.e. hydrogen is dangerous and difficult to store).  Current systems require the storage of methanol and its conversion to hydrogen before can be used in the fuel cell.
Fuel cell markets are currently in their infancy. However, is that there is a real demand for this technology for a vast range of applications across the globe.
Technology Need
Hydrogen Fuel Cells development faces the following hurdles:
·         Requires a cheaper, safer raw material
·         Needs a cheaper, simpler and more efficient production process
·         Needs development for small-sized applications
TMO is seeking to develop technologies that will allow economic use of fuel cells.