Biodiesel is an environmentally sound alternative to diesel. Biodiesel can be used in all modern diesel vehicles with little or no engine adjustment. It is an accepted replacement in many countries and benefits from generous government subsidies in countries such as Germany and Austria. 

Biodiesel is currently produced from vegetable oils (i.e. rapeseed, sunflower and safflower) utilizing conventional fermentation technology. Bioethanol is a growing global market enjoying significant international support.  Significant markets around the world include the European Union and Australasia.


Technology Need

Biodiesel production faces the following hurdles:

·         Requires a cheaper raw material

·         Needs a cheaper and more efficient production process

·         Needs a catalyst to convert other vegetable oils sources (i.e. palm oil)

·         Current process has an significant unwanted by-products

TMO hopes to address these issues with its thermophile technology and revolutionary production processes.