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About TMO

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TMO Biotec Limited is a British company developing proprietary technology that will revolutionise the way in which fuels and chemicals are produced. The raw material for these production processes is abundant renewable biomass replacing fossil fuels. Based on the massive size of the fuels market and the strong global drive towards low impact, sustainable industrial processes the potential for the TMO technology is vast.

TMO ‘s technology platform is based on a select group of thermophilic micro-organisms (Thermophiles) whose characteristics make them uniquely capable of being incorporated into processes with superior process economics and substantial environmental and social advantages.

TMO has significant expertise and experience embedded in both the management and technology teams. This will help in bringing TMO technology to the market in a much shorter time-frame than is currently the norm for biotechnology.

The TMO technology platform will enable ‘bio-refineries’ that employ renewable feedstocks and deliver process efficiencies comparable with conventional crude oil based refineries or chemicals complexes.

TMO is based in the Surrey Research Park at the University of Surrey in Guildford.

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