New ethanol technology

TMO Renewables is Europe’s largest independent biomass to ethanol technology company. We are currently commercialising a novel fermentation process that has seen over £20m R&D; investment over the last decade from private and institutional sources as well as the European Union, UK DTI (Department of Trade & Industry) and the Carbon Trust. Based on a robust and efficient technology platform, TMO’s biomass system will revolutionise the production of ethanol.

Biomass to ethanol

Using the unique characteristics of high temperature microbes known as thermophiles, TMO is able to convert abundant, renewable biomass (including straw, corn stover, biological municipal waste and any other ‘green’ refuse) into ethanol.

Ready for the market

The advanced nature of TMO’s technology will enable the wholesale shift to sustainable motor fuels and help to solve our ‘addiction to oil’. TMO is already planning several demonstration plants for its technology with partners in the UK and Europe and is confident that its technology will become widely accepted and adopted.

Ethanol is already the world’s largest alternative fuel source. The market is growing in double digits worldwide spurred on by high oil prices, government mandates and environmental concerns.

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